Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Candy Man can ...

I realized it was time for me (Paige) to post a blog, lest people think our lives revolve around stadiums and sports (they do, but I don't want everyone THINKING that).
My last two days at work have been a blast. Each year, Project SUCCESS puts on a big musical at Anwatin Middle School. This year, it's Willy Wonka. For the last two days, I've been helping to coordinate the behemoth that is auditions (thank you, Candy Man song. You are officially in my head for the next two months). Since there's no new Office or 30 Rock this week, 100 middle school kids preparing to sing for their lives is the next best thing to laugh-out-loud comedy. My favorite moments include:
- The two boys who came with electric guitars for their audition. Did they actually think they'd get to play them in the show? I don't remember the part in Willy Wonka where Charlie rocks out.
-The part on the audition form where it asks the kids if they have any special talents. "Talking non-stop" and "Being Awesome" are two of the most popular responses.
-The kid who, when asked on the audition form if he had any conflicts that would prevent him from coming to rehearsal said, "I can't think of any right now. And I won't remember any soon. But I'm sure something will come up in my life and I just won't show up."

Seriously, I love these kids .... and Veruca Salt (the Willy Wonka character, not the early-90's grunge band).